June 19, 2014 FAC/STAFF

International Student Host Families Still Needed!

The Class of 2018 contains the largest number of international students in JCU history – 26 students from 20 countries! We still are seeking host families to help them make the transition to life on our campus and in our community. Seven members of our community have opened up their homes, but we want to give all of our new students this local family connection!

As a host family for our international students, the required time commitment is very little. Our students will be arriving on Aug. 20-21. They will need a place to stay off campus for two nights. During that time, they will likely need to go shopping for items they did not bring with them. They will need help moving in to their dorm rooms on the 21st. After that, your level of commitment and engagement with your international student is whatever you and they are interested in.

Our international students often mention our friendly campus community. Help show the new international students the warmth of JCU and become a host family.

For more information and an application, contact Megan McBride at mmcbride@jcu.edu.