July 23, 2014 FAC/STAFF

Today: Faculty Lounge/Ladies Restroom Lock Changes

As of Wednesday, July 23, the lock on the Faculty Lounge (AD 144) and the ladies restroom next to the Faculty Lounge (AD 143) will be changed to coincide with the keying in the rest of the Administration Building. If you currently have a key to either of these rooms, it will no longer work after Wednesday, July 23. Even though it will not open any door on campus, your old key needs to be returned to the Facilities Office. If you need access to one or both of these rooms, please submit a Facilities Department Key Authorization Form:

  • Approved by your direct supervisor if you only want a key to the ladies restroom.
  • Approved by your direct supervisor first, and secondly by Anne Kugler, Ph.D, if you want a key to the Faculty Lounge.

Thank you.

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