August 14, 2014 FAC/STAFF

Administration Building Waterproofing Project

A waterproofing project has begun on the Administration Building porches. This work requires the removal of the concrete to allow for the new waterproofing material installation. Most of the work will take place from the exterior of the building; however, some repair work is required inside of the building. The area inside of the building, below the porches, is used for storage and is not occupied space. The concrete slabs on both sides of the main entrance or clock tower will be removed, waterproofing material and structural repairs will occur, and, lastly, the concrete slabs will be re-poured.

The timeline for the work is from now through Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. Removal of the concrete slabs is scheduled to take place on Saturdays, based on the noise generated for the removal. The project was bid this way to minimize work distraction within the Administration Building.

The work does require that the stairway access to the exterior of the building be closed until the new concrete is poured, however, access within the building floor to floor remains. Signs indicating when the exterior access is closed will be posted. Only one stairway will be closed at a time.

Work has begun on the O’Malley side of the building with the topping slab scheduled for removal this Saturday, Aug. 16. Your cooperation avoiding the construction area will be greatly appreciated. Every effort will be made to complete this project ahead of schedule. Thank you.