September 2, 2014 ALL

Energy Reduction Day – Tuesday, Sept. 2

Due to a forecast of high temperatures throughout both the East Coast and our area, PJM and FirstEnergy are expecting the demand for electricity to be high today. In order to be good citizens as well as help reduce the likelihood of brownouts, John Carroll has been asked to reduce our power usage from 1-8 p.m. today. In order to accomplish this, we will be following a modified Peak Load Contribution Plan due to the start of the classes and the academic year. This plan includes items such as:

  • Manually start and load all emergency generators. This will cause a momentary (less than one second) power interruption to all equipment on emergency circuits during the transfer to generator and the transfer to utility.
  • Shutdown all air conditioning except approved exceptions.
  • Turn off domestic hot water pumps for all buildings.
  • Turn off stadium lights.
  • Turn off refrigerators and other electrical convenience appliances during PLC period.

Visit the Summer Energy website for more specifics on the Peak Load Contribution Plan.