October 13, 2014 STAFF

Introducing Web Time Entry for Staff Non-Exempt Employees

In an effort to reduce the amount of manual paper processes, efficiently utilize existing Banner functionality and provide real-time data for hours worked analysis, flexible work schedules and FLSA and ACA compliance, we are excited to announce that we will be moving to web time entry starting for the pay period that ends on October 25, 2014 for all non-exempt staff employees with the exception of employees in the Maintenance, Grounds and JCU Police Departments. These groups will go live with Web Time Entry in early 2015.

The process for most staff non-exempt employees will be entering time-in time-out (start/stop) hours on either a daily or weekly basis through Banner Self-Service instead of completing and printing the current excel formatted time sheet as is done today. Supervisors will be responsible for the timely approval of hours worked directly through Banner Self-Service instead of signing a printed time sheet. You will be required to submit a time sheet no later than Monday at noon following the pay period end date. You will be sent a reminder email on the Friday before the pay period ends as well as on the Monday following the pay period.

Please watch a video here to learn how to enter your time in and out. Also, visit our Web Time Entry website for important information regarding this new process.

In addition to the video, we will have computer stations set up at the Benefits Fair on October 22, 2014. Please come and see us if you would like help entering your time.

If you have any questions contact either Jean Tibbs at extension 4457 or Debbie Schmitt at extension 4456.