November 3, 2014 STAFF

Today: Access to Academic Buildings After Hours

Currently faculty and staff have access through a FOB they were issued, however, starting Monday, November 3 the new Carroll OneCard will allow access to Administrative Building, Boler School, and Dolan Science Center after hours. While John Carroll Police will maintain the same locking and unlocking schedules on the buildings, faculty and staff will have the ability using their Carroll OneCard to access the buildings after hours.

If there are individuals in your department that will need access to Boler, the Administration Building, or Dolan Science Center after hours, the department chair should gather a list and submit it to John Mack ( and Lisa Brown ( by November 3. The list should contain the first and last name of the staff member, Banner number, and the building or buildings in which they will need access. Starting in November, any faculty or staff needing access with their Carroll OneCard, will complete the Access Request form found on the Carroll Card Office webpage.