December 2, 2014 STAFF/STU

Access Your 2014 W-2 Electronically

Year end is quickly approaching and soon we will have to think about W-2’s and tax returns.
We are asking you to consent to access your W-2 electronically instead of having it printed and mailed to your home. Printing your own W-2 on lighter-weight paper, and forgoing mailing reduces our carbon footprint. In addition, accessing your W-2 on-line eliminates the possibility of it being lost, damaged or misdirected by the postal service.
This can be done very quickly and easily through Banner Self Service. Simply log in and submit your consent through the employee tab. Please take a few moments to do this before year end. Participation is optional and all W-2’s will continue to be available on-line through Banner Self Service. If you consented last year, there is no need to consent again. Please click here for more information: