December 12, 2014 STAFF/STU

Today: Need 1 Extra Credit?

Need 1 extra credit? Are you planning on studying abroad? Ever wondered how to behave in certain situations when in another country?

Take IC199-52 Cultural Self Defense in Spring 2015 (1 credit, 1 weekly meeting for 10 weeks, 75 minutes each).

Visiting a country overseas gives you the opportunity to learn about new arts, try local food, enjoy recreational activities, and witness new customs. At the same time, though, it is easy to incur in behaviors that—while acceptable in our own country (whichever it is…)—turn out to be inappropriate somewhere else. Through specific examples, case studies, and guest lectures, this course will offer an overview on the socio-cultural nuances that every student studying abroad should keep in mind in order to look like a true citizen of the world.

The course is open to all students.

For further information please contact Dr. Santa Casciani ( or Dr. Luigi G. Ferri (