January 21, 2015 STAFF

Today: Community Forum on Mission on January 21

Dear Colleagues,

Please join me for a Community Forum on Mission next Wednesday, January 21, at 2 p.m. in the Donahue Auditorium. The forum will include an update on mission activities for this year, including the upcoming Ignatian Heritage Week (January 25-30, 2015), and an overview of mission planning for the next year and beyond. Attendees will be invited to share their suggestions and expectations of the Office for University Mission and Identity.

The main part of the forum will involve a presentation and discussion of a working draft of four University Learning Goals, which were developed by the Provost’s Council last semester and are now ready to be shared with the community for further refinement. Members of the drafting committee and the Provost’s Council will be on hand to facilitate table conversations about the goals and to seek your feedback and recommendations. Since all of us contribute one way or another to the student learning that is encompassed by these goals, I expect that conversations will also be a very practical way for us to talk about the University’s mission.

I’m looking forward to the questions, ideas, and insights that the forum will generate, and I hope that you are able to participate.

In peace and gratitude,

Edward Peck, Ph.D.
Vice President for University Mission and Identity