January 27, 2015 STU

Mandatory Housing Requirement for Freshman

The first step of the housing selection process for the 2015-2016 academic year is participation in Bystander Intervention Training. This training is REQUIRED for all first year students who are planning to live on campus next year. *** Please note: Even if you have participated in a similar training as a student athlete or as a member of a student organization you are still REQUIRED to participate in this hour long training.

Failure to participate in this training will result in losing your housing selection date and time and will impact your ability to choose your housing next year. All students will be held accountable to John Carroll University’s residency requirements, so failure to participate will mean you will not be able to select your preferred room/or roommate.

If you have any questions please contact your RA, Area Coordinator, or contact the Office of Residence Life.

Training sessions will run from January 26 – February 18, so sign up now to get your session scheduled. EVERY 25TH PERSON TO REGISTER WILL RECEIVE A $25 CHIPOTLE GIFT CARD.

To register go to: http://sites.jcu.edu/reslife/ and click on the “Bystander Intervention Training: Register Now” box.