March 9, 2015 STAFF

Midterm Grade Submission Reminder

Midterm grades are due in the Registrar’s office by Wednesday, March 11 by 3:00 p.m.

Please note the following:

1) Grades of A through F are to be assigned to all first year undergraduates. The web grade list will have a YES in the GRADE REQUIRED column for students who must receive a midterm grade. Midterm grades are also required for all other undergraduate and graduate students earning a grade of C- or lower.
NOTE: Grades of C- and D+ are not valid for Graduate students.

2) If there are students who appear on your grade list but have stopped attending your class, they have not properly withdrawn. Please submit a grade of WF for those students on the midterm grade form.
NOTE: Please maintain a record of the last date of attendance for those students. You will be required to submit the WF grade and the last date of attendance when final grades are submitted.

3) For 0 credit hour labs, enter a grade of SA (satisfactory) or grades of C- or lower, as appropriate.

Please contact the registrar’s office at extension 1659 with any questions.