March 30, 2015 STAFF

Canvas Tip of the Week

Moving content or entire courses from Blackboard to Canvas involves two basic steps: (1) creating and downloading an export package from Blackboard, and (2) importing that package into Canvas.

Blackboard: Go to the Control Panel of the Blackboard course you would like to export content from and click on the Packages and Utilities category (to expand it), then on the Export/Archive Course link. Click on the Export Package button and select the course materials you would like to include in the package. Click Submit and within a few minutes a download link for the export package will appear (you may need to click the refresh button). Once the export link appears, download the ZIP package to your computer.

Canvas: Once you’ve downloaded the export package from Blackboard, go to the Canvas course you would like to import content into. Click on the Settings link from a course’s navigation bar, then on the Import Content into this Course button located on the right-hand sidebar. Select the “Blackboard 6/7/8/9 export .zip file” option from the pull-down menu, then click the Choose File button and navigate to/select the content package. Click the Import button and within minutes the imported Blackboard files will be available for use in the Canvas course.