April 10, 2015 STAFF/STU

Late Night Scholarship – Tell Me Quickly (Powered by PechaKucha)

Imagine taking a class with an expert in less than 7 minutes, with pizza, late at night. Impossible at JCU? Not anymore!

The Honors Program and Celebration of Scholarship! present “Tell Me Quickly! Powered by PechaKucha” this Tuesday, April 14th from 9-11 pm in the Underground.

Join your friends and colleagues for several fast-paced presentations of “passion projects” by JCU students, faculty and staff, including…

Jessica Bou-Anak, “A Little Piece of the Middle East at JCU!”

Eleanor Axson, “Learning from Incan Agriculture: How The Inca Accomplished Highly Productive AND Sustainable Farming Before It Was Fashionable.”

Merve Erdir, “Here is My Hometown – Istanbul”

Rebecca Ries-Roncalli, “A Year in Belgium”

Dr. Todd Bruce, “Wonder Woman: Women and Power from 1941 to Today”

Caroline Hall, “A Student’s Life as a Yogi”

Megan Wilson-Reitz, “Ten Steps for Detoxing the Bible”

… and more! Come join the party, have some pizza and celebrate our scholars!

This event is free and open to the public. Spread the word! Bring friends!

For questions or more information: honors@jcu.edu, extension 4425 or http://sites.jcu.edu/honors.