July 2, 2015 STAFF

Employee Recognition Naming Program Results

The Human Resources Department would like to thank everyone who contributed themes and brand names for the new University-wide Integrated Employee Recognition Program that will be launched this fall. Nearly 50 JCU faculty and staff participated, submitting more than 75 creative ideas for program names.

All of the suggestions were very thoughtful, exemplifying appreciation for the collaborative spirit that is essential to the success of John Carroll and the students we serve. After carefully considering all of the entries, the brand name selected is, “The Carroll STAR (Special Thanks And Recognition) Award.”SGuarnieri

Although there were a few “STAR” themes presented, Samantha Guarnieri from the Center for Service and Social Action (CSSA) also included the clever “Special Thanks and Recognition” acronym. As a result, CSSA will be rewarded with a pizza party in celebration of Samantha’s contribution. Congratulations!

Special thanks to all those who participated. Enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend.