September 30, 2015 ALL

Today: Banned Books Read Aloud at Grasselli

Attention students, staff, and faculty! Would you like to practice your public speaking? Have you talked about ideas of censorship and free speech in your classes? Are any of you or your friends passionate about the theater and proud to show off your acting skills? This event is for you!

Grasselli is holding it’s first ever Banned Books Week Read Aloud. Held in the lobby of the library starting at 12:30 p.m. on September 30, participants will read up to 5 minutes from the book Looking for Alaska by John Green. Looking for Alaska comes in at #7 on the Office of Intellectual Freedom’s list of frequently challenged books from 2013. We will need to have volunteers sign up to read out loud from this book, if you know are interested, please contact Amy Wainwright ( to sign up for a spot. We are hoping that this event can begin to highlight how often the books that we know (and love) are challenged in our schools and at public libraries. Thank you in advance for any who volunteer. Please feel free to contact me about questions as well! Flyer for the event is here: