December 1, 2015 FAC/STAFF

Scott Allen, Ph.D to Speak at Administrative Professionals Forum

The Human Resources Department is pleased to present the Administrative Professionals Forum. This professional development round table is intended for non-supervisory employees and serves as a great opportunity to network and leverage experiences with each other.

The next scheduled Administrative Professionals Forum will be held on Wednesday, December 2 from 10 a.m.-noon in the LSC. The agenda will be as follows:

* Welcome from Staff Council

* Update from August meeting

* Training Workshop: Immunity to Change: Mastering the Art of Personnel & Organizational Change (Scott J. Allen, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Management)

* Human Resources Update

Immunity to Change: Mastering the Art of Personal and Organizational Change.

Why is personal change so difficult even when we are genuinely committed to doing so? This session helps participants identify assumptions and behaviors that interfere with personal effectiveness. Through this engaging and interactive workshop, participants gain a powerful picture of the systematic way they unintentionally work against the very shift they desire. Participants will be introduced to the basic steps required to overcome their “immunity to change.”