December 4, 2015 FAC/STAFF

Today: Team Based Learning

“The final CTL lunch for this semester will feature Bill Elliot, Professor of Finance, who will share his experiences with using “Team-Based Learning.” We will gather for lunch in the CAS Conference room on Friday, December 4, at noon. Others who would also like to share their experiences, whether positive or negative, with student group work more generally, are invited to join the conversation.

Team Based Learning, as developed by the Team-Based Learning Collaborative ( has four key components:

(1) Permanent (term-long) and instructor-assigned groups of 5-7 students with diverse skill sets and backgrounds, evenly distributed among teams; 2) Individual accountability for out-of-class work such as reading and preliminary homework being done prior to the first class meeting of each course segment; 3) Incentive for working effectively together as a team by giving significant credit (course points) for team activities; 4) In class application exercises that promote both learning and team development.”

To join us for lunch, please RSVP to Pat Hoffman ( by November 24.