December 8, 2015 ALL

eduroam Secure Wireless Network Now Available at JCU

What is eduroam?

eduroam (education roaming) is a secured Wi-Fi network service that allows students, faculty and staff to use their home institution’s Wi-Fi credentials to access Wi-Fi network services, when visiting other institutions supporting eduroam – world wide. There is no need to set up a guest account or to use unsecured wireless.

eduroam – You Can Use it Now at JCU!
Go to your wireless configuration screen on your mobile device and select the eduroam wireless network. Your credentials will be slightly different than those you currently use for jcuwpa2.

At the Username prompt enter your complete JCU email address: i.e.

At the Password prompt enter your campus computer password – the same one that you use to log into the computers in the classrooms, labs and offices.

The next time you visit another university’s campus and they’re a member of eduroam you will automatically be able to attach to their eduroam wireless network.

The link below takes you to a current listing of member institutions:

Finally, once you have switched to eduroam, there is not need to revert back to jcuwpa2, as eduroam is permanent and will be used to replace jcuwpa2 next semester.

Please stop by or call the JCU Helpdesk if you need assistance or have questions about eduroam. The Helpdesk is located on the 4th Floor of Rodman Hall and our phone number is: 216.397.3005.