December 22, 2015 FAC/STAFF

Canvas End-of-Term

Canvas is set to automatically “conclude” courses at the end of each term in order to make the system most effective for instructors and students. Concluding a course means that all users in the course will have read-only access to the course.

For students, all Fall 2015 courses are set to conclude on Wednesday, December 23. For instructors, all Fall 2015 courses will conclude on Monday, January 18, 2016.

Faculty wanting to keep a course open longer for their students can do so by manually changing their course end date, which will override the default course end date (12/23). Learn more here.

Instructors can also keep a course open for individual students (for purposes of finishing an incomplete grade, etc.) by manually creating a new course section (and section end date) populated only with the individual student(s) who need access. Learn more here.

For additional assistance, please contact the Center for Digital Media (CDM) at (216.397.4930) or the Help Desk at (216.397.3005).