January 14, 2016 ALL

Spring 2016 Update on New Parking Changes

As a result of collaborative discussions between the JCUPD Parking Office and Student Union, several changes have made to the parking arrangements for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. These changes have been made to provide additional student parking in the Belvoir lot, and to give more flexibility to parking in the Carroll Expansion lot.

In the Belvoir Lot, the following changes have been made:
– The single row of parking spaces facing Millor is now designated for Resident Students with overnight parking.
– The first row (within the Faculty/Staff lot facing the drive lane), is now designated for Commuters. No overnight parking permitted.

In the Carroll Expansion Lot, the following change have been made:
– The middle four rows will be mixed use for Faculty, Staff, Commuter Students, and visitors

These changes will take effect Tuesday, January 19. Signage will be added when the weather permits. Below is a map of campus showing the changes that have been made to each of the parking lots.

Parking Map Effective January 19, 2016

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns.

Thank you.