March 16, 2016 ALL

Today: Shula Lecture Series

Join us for the Shula Lecture Series featuring Professor Thomas E. Hill from UNC Chapel Hill. The title of his talk is, “Ideal Principles and Real World Problems: Reasonable Compromise vs. Utopian Thinking.”

Thomas E. Hill is Kenan Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Dr. Hill’s areas of specialization are ethics, the history of ethics, and political philosophy. He is the author of Virtue, Rules, and Justice: Kantian Aspirations (Oxford, 2012); Human Welfare and Moral Worth: Kantian Perspectives (Oxford, 2002); Respect, Pluralism and Justice: Kantian Perspectives (Oxford, 2000); Dignity and Practical Reason in Kant’s Moral Theory (Cornell, 1992); and Autonomy and Self-Respect (Cambridge, 1991).

March 16
6 p.m.
Lombardo Student Center
Open to the Public