May 22, 2016 FAC/STAFF

Today: Commencement and Belvoir Lot Parking Information

Important Parking Information – Commencement and Belvoir Lot work

So that our graduates and their families may be able to park on campus, all faculty and staff who will attending or working Commencement are asked to park at the Green Road Annex parking lot.

There will be three vans shuttling people back and forth to campus between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Commencement day, Sunday, May 22. Our experience in recent years has been that campus parking fills up before the ceremony, causing Commencement guests to have to park on city streets and off-site parking.

Please let JCUPD know if you have any questions, and thank you for helping to serve our students and their families in this way!

Additionally, the Belvoir Lot will be repaved starting Monday, May 23. The entrance and exit, along with the Belvoir Lot will be closed until Tuesday, May 31. All employees, students and visitors will need to enter and exit campus by way of the Carroll Gate (signs will be placed reinforcing this). Beginning Wednesday, June 1, the Belvoir entrance and exit will be re-opened, and some parking will be available until the project is completed, on Friday, June 3. As with all projects, there may be delays of a day or two related to weather or other uncontrollable factors. Information will be shared should any changes in this schedule be necessary.

We appreciate your cooperation during this much needed construction project.