July 19, 2016 ALL

Paving and Sidewalk Work

The head-in parking spaces along Miramar Blvd. from the O’Malley Center down to the exit gate at Murphy Hall will close to allow for paving and striping of the spaces starting July 25 through August 1.

The Library stone lot will also be closed during this same time period to allow for regarding and compaction of the stone. The sidewalk leading to the Einstein entrance of the Administration Building as well as up to the grand stair between the 1st floor of Ad and the “B” wing off of Rodman Drive, will be closed for sidewalk repair work. This work will take place the week of July 25 through August 5.

Please visit the Facilities web page and review the summer project list locating the map, indicating the areas where work is taking place to avoid these areas while the construction work is taking place.
Questions, please contact Rich Bretz at 4313.