July 27, 2016 ALL

Welcome to Jesuit University Students Attending Ignatian Solidarity Network’s University Leaders Summit

This week 25 students from more than a dozen Jesuit colleges and universities from across the country will be on campus for the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s “University Leaders Summit.” The 4-day/3-night faith-based social justice leadership program offers participants the chance to build their leadership skills in the framework of the Ignatian spiritual tradition. Summit sessions are framed around the lives of various individuals including Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Fr. Ignacio Ellacuria, and Pope Francis. The students will also have a chance to visit University Circle and Lake Erie during their visit.

Please give them a warm Blue Streak welcome if you see them around campus!

Learn more about the University Leaders Summit at: http://ignatiansolidarity.net/programs/university-leaders-summit/