September 19, 2016 STU

Today: JCU Goes to Ireland! Studying the Way to Peace

Join us for an info session Monday, September 19th, 8 pm, AD 26 about the EHE linked courses EN299A/51 “Irish Literature and Film” and PL399B/521″Selves in Conflict: Northern Ireland” & the two-week immersion trip to Ireland, featuring 2016 JCU Student Participants. Satisfies the EHE core requirement and the Peacebuilding requirement for the Peace, Justice and Human Rights Major. Students interested in the Peace, Justice and Human Rights major or minor are encouraged to attend.

Take SP 2017: PL399B/51 & EN299A/51 for the immersion to Northern Ireland: May 14th-28th, 2017

For more Information:
Dr. Philip Metres