October 12, 2016 STU

Nominations for Student Union Exec Board Start Tuesday, October 18!

Nominations for Student Union Exec Board positions open on Tuesday, October 18, at 5 p.m. in the Murphy Room.

Attend in person to nominate someone or lobby your senators to nominate you!

Nominations will be open for:

  • President
  • Executive VP
  • VP Business Affairs
  • VP Judicial Affairs
  • VP Student Organizations
  • VP Programming
  • VP Communications

To read more about the qualifications to run for the above Exec positions, please read page 13 of this document: http://webmedia.jcu.edu/su/files/2015/11/ConstitutionFA2015.pdf

Read more about SU Elections here. Questions can be directed to Elections Chair Angela Baumgardner, abaumgardner19@jcu.edu.

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