November 10, 2016 FAC/STAFF

Holiday Payroll Processing

With the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, please be aware of the following payroll processing deadlines for approved EPAF’s, stipend payments, employee expense reimbursements, and changes to tax withholding and other benefit deductions. These items should be submitted to the payroll office no later than the dates listed below to insure they will be included in the respective pays.

  • November 14: for items to be included in the November 25 Bi-Weekly Pay, and the November 30 Monthly Pay
  • December 15: for items to be included in the December 23 Bi-Weekly Pay, and the December 31 Monthly Pay

If you have any questions, please contact Jean Tibbs at 216.397.4457, or Tammy Wisz at 216.397.4456.
Thank you and Happy Holidays!