December 14, 2016 STAFF

Canvas Changes for Spring 2017

Kaltura – The New Video App

This is just a friendly reminder that ShareStream Pick-n-Play app will be decommissioned after Fall 2016. All ShareStream videos will be migrated over to the new Kaltura Canvas video service. Faculty will still have full access to their migrated ShareStream videos in the My Media section of their Canvas accounts. If you need any assistance with your videos, please contact The Center for Digital Media ( or call at x4930 as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation as we complete this transition from ShareStream to Kaltura.


The decommissioning of the older API-based legacy version of Turnitin in favor of the new LTI-based version of the system. Many instructors rely on Turnitin for plagiarism education, prevention, and detection. Turnitin currently integrates with Canvas in two different ways, an older API-based legacy system, and a newer LTI-based system. Turnitin is discontinuing the Canvas API integration at the end of the year and will only support the LTI integration moving forward.

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