December 21, 2016 STAFF

Today: Winter Break Heat Settings

In an effort to be energy conscious yet minimize the chance of damage to buildings from extreme cold, the Facilities Department requests all faculty and staff take the following precautions prior to leaving campus for the Christmas holiday and Winter Break:

  • Close and lock all windows.
  • Set thermostats as follows :
    Offices and residence halls with Danfoss valves: Turn dial to 2
    Offices and duplexes/houses with thermostats: Set thermostat between 60–65° F
  • Remove books, papers and personal items from perimeter heating covers so warm air can circulate in your office.
  • Remove all food from offices and kitchens.

If you have concerns about the heat in your building, please contact the Facilities Department at 216.397.4314 or submit a work order online during normal business hours.

Please note the Facilities Department will never turn off the heat to the campus buildings nor reduce the temperature settings below 600 F. Please report any low temperature conditions over the holidays to JCU PD at 397-1234.

Thank you for your assistance and support as JCU strives to reduce energy usage during the winter heating season.