January 27, 2017 STAFF/STU

Today: Prom Attire Project

A collection of prom-formal dresses and men’s formal attire is underway to enable students at the Lakota Indian Reservation at Pine Ridge to have items for prom attendance. Due to high poverty levels, many students do not attend their prom as they can not afford suitable clothing for the event.

If you have suitable clothing you no longer need, please contribute to the Prom Attire Project which was originated by a JCU student. Needed items include dresses, shoes, purses, costume jewelry, ties, dress shirts, jackets. Your thoughtfulness will enable others to finish high school with one of life’s celebratory events – their prom! Please check your closets for these goods. Items of any vintage and all sizes are needed and appreciated!

Please call the Department of Sociology and Criminology (x-4381) to arrange for drop off of your donation; Items may be brought to Sociology and Criminology department (AD 333) during the business day.

The collection of items will continue through January, 2017.

For more information about the project: https://friendsofpineridgereservation.org/organizations/oyate-teca-project/