February 7, 2017 STU

Intern at the Career Center

Are you looking for an on-campus internship? Apply to be a Career Assistant!

Career Assistant Interns are sophomore, junior, or senior full-time undergrads at John Carroll University who serve in a professional leadership role to meet with students coming to the Career Center for information and assistance.

This is a full-year internship in which students will work eight hours a week at the Career Center. There will be training in areas such as available career resources, peer to peer meetings, assistance with Career Connection, résumé critiques and more. Interns will also be trained and involved in program development and management, marketing, and event planning. The internship will enable students to specialize in areas of interest to them and develop outreach programs. Interns will have the opportunity to observe and work together with Career Center professionals. Each Career Assistant Intern will be a valuable resource in assisting their peers coming to the Career Center for help.

Applications are due Tuesday, February 28, by 5 p.m. at the Career Center. For more information, contact Kim Clark at 216.397.4239 or visit jcu.edu/careercenter.