February 11, 2017 STU

Today: SUPB Trip to Karamu Theater to see “Repairing a Nation”

SUPB will be hosting a collaborating with BSA to see “Repairing a Nation” at Karamu Theater on Saturday, February 11. We will leave campus at 6 p.m. To reserve a spot, please email your name, email, and phone number to Le Nguyen, lnguyen18@jcu.edu.

The following is a description of “Repairing a Nation:”
What if you knew an injustice had been done, and you had it in your power to make it right? It’s 2001, and the Davis family gathers for a typical holiday celebration in their native Tulsa, Oklahoma. But all goes awry when Lois insists the family join a lawsuit seeking reparations for the Tulsa Race Riots that devastated the Davis family 80 years ago.

Reserve your spot ASAP! See you there!