March 13, 2017 ALL

Making Sense of Art: Music, Dance, and Philosophy

The Shula Chair and the Department of Philosophy are pleased to invite you to our next interdisciplinary workshop, “Making Sense of Art: Music, Dance, and Philosophy,” on Wednesday, March 22, at 6 p.m. in the Marinello Little Theatre, D.J. Lombardo Student Center.

Across the humanities and the interpretative social sciences, there has been a renewed interest in embodiment and aesthetics. Such interest speaks to a general concern with what it means to ‘be a body’ in the world and how as embodied beings we simply cannot theorize away the influence of sensation, affect, and movement in both thought and action. Our workshop brings together philosopher Dorothea Olkowski and musician/dancer Grisha Nisnevich to present the inseparability of thinking and embodiment in music, dance, and philosophy.

Professor Olkowski and Maestro Nisnevich will be giving a combination performance/presentation that will incorporate philosophical reflection on music and dance, a classical guitar performance by Maestro Nisnevich, and a tango demonstration by both Professor Olkowski and Maestro Nisnevich.

In addition to offering the University community an opportunity to reflect on philosophy’s appearance outside the classroom, this workshop supports the ambitions named in the Integrative Core Curriculum to build habits of aesthetic appreciation and cultivate learning experiences centered on the creative and performing arts.

For further information, see our webpage (, and follow us on Facebook and twitter @jcuphilosophy.

We hope you can join us.