March 24, 2017 ALL

TRS Core Notice

Faculty are considering potential modifications to the Integrated Core Curriculum. One proposal would modify the Theology & Religious Studies core requirement. If you already have completed the TRS Core, this change will not affect you, so you can stop reading now.

The proposed new I-Core requirement would be one lower-division course (i.e., a 100- or 200-level) and one 300-level course. TRS101, any other 100-level TRS course, or any 200-level TRS course would count for the “lower-division” TRS requirement. The other TRS course would be taken at the 300-level. Thus, I-Core students who have taken TRS101 are strongly encouraged to register for a 300-level course if they wish to complete their Core requirement this fall.

We anticipate a faculty vote on this proposal early in April, so the matter should be resolved before many students register. Students who have not yet taken TRS101 are invited to consult the TRS department chair for registration recommendations. Stop by the department office (Admin B250) or call x4700 to make an appointment.

This potential change will affect only the I-Core. The few D-Core students who have not taken TRS101 were contacted by email several weeks ago. If you are among those few students and missed that email or did not respond to it, please stop by the department office (Admin B250) or call x4700 to make an appointment with the TRS chair to plan your TRS Core completion strategy.