April 5, 2017 FAC/STAFF

Today: Location Change – Building Bodies in the Classroom: 3D Printers and a Comparative Anatomy Class

NOTE: the location has changed since the original post.

3D printing is the process of taking a digital model and making it a physical object. This session will review the broader implications of 3D printing technology and offer examples of how it is being used at John Carroll. The session will include a live demo by Jay Tarby of the MakerBot Replicator that is available for use in the Center for Digital Media. Chris Sheil, Ph.D., will describe how 3D printing has enhanced learning in his Anatomy course, allowing students to replicate rare and unavailable skeletons and bodies for classroom use. Please join us Wednesday, April 5, 1 – 2 p.m. in Bruening Hall, Room 32. RSVP to Patricia Hoffman, phoffman@jcu.edu, if you plan to attend. Lunch will be served.