April 5, 2017 ALL

I-Core Students Who Have Taken TRS101

Faculty are voting this week on potential modifications to the Theology & Religious Studies I-Core requirement.

If you already have completed the TRS Core, this change will not affect you, so you can stop reading now.

If you are following the D-Core, this will not affect you either, so again you can stop reading.

An announcement appeared on 3/24 and 3/31 that advised I-Core students who have not begun the JH-TRS sector of the Core. Please refer back to those announcements if you fall in this category and, again, you can stop reading this.

This message is specifically addressed to I-Core students who have taken TRS101 (or received transfer credit for an equivalent). Whether the proposal passes or not, you will be able to take any 200- or 300-level Core course to complete your JH-TRS requirement.