April 6, 2017 STU

Today: Become a SWAT Leader for Incoming First-Year Students

Interested in welcoming the newest members of the John Carroll to campus in August? Become a SWAT Leader.

SWAT Leaders (Streak Week Assistance Team) help first-year students move into their residence halls in August and then help them navigate Streak Week, the week of activities prior to the start of classes.

SWAT Leaders receive multiple benefits, including early move-in to your residence hall room.

The full position description and applications are available online at http://webmedia.jcu.edu/streakweek/files/2017/03/SWAT-Team-Application-2017.pdf as well as in the Office of Student Engagement, located above the bookstore in the Student Center.

Applications are due on Friday, April 7.

Any questions? Contact Kyle O’Dell at kodell@jcu.edu.