April 11, 2017 ALL

Celebration of Scholarship Poster Competition Winners

Congratulations to the Celebration of Scholarship Poster Competition Winners!

Undergraduate Posters of Special Merit
Noemi Becza, Undergraduate
A New Method for Extracting Alkaloid Defenses from Poison Frog Skins

John Cenker, Undergraduate
The Study of ZnSnN2 for possible Thermoelectric and Photovoltaic Applications

Nathaniel Heiden, Undergraduate and Clare Muller, Graduate Student
Distribution Spread of Gypsum Endemics Affects Nutrient Accumulation Strategies

Teddy Nemunaitis, Undergraduate
Effects of type 1 interferon deficiency on B-cells in lupus-prone mice

Arnold Paskay, Undergraduate
Urbanization, Taxes, Specialization, and England: One Opportunistic Monk in Champagne

Bridges Sayers and Katherine Gaunter, Undergraduates
The Relative Effects of Meditation and Prayer on Mathematical Test Performance

Steven Schmitz, Undergraduate
Competition and the effect on ethics

Carolyn Stierhoff, Undergraduate
mTORC1 signaling is involved in nephron size control in the metanephric kidney

John Tarchick, Undergraduate
Reestimating Modified Taylor Rules for the Swiss National Bank

Mary Waters, Undergraduate
Leadership in Medicine

Graduate Poster of Special Merit
Rebecca Yoder and Brittany Weisbarth, Graduate Students
School Psychologist Needs as Mental Health Consultants