April 24, 2017 FAC/STAFF

Mission Monday

How do you live JCU’s mission?

John Brautigan, Finance Manager & Student Accounts Receivable, shares this reflection:  “When I reflect on my day-to-day dealings, one question I ask myself is how I influenced someone today. This could be as simple as saying good morning, acknowledging the individual, or helping a student resolve an issue here on campus. With my position, it is more than resolving a student account issue, my goal is to have a positive influence on that student and their family during their time here at JCU and beyond.”

Consider sharing your 100-word reflection with the Mission & Advocacy Committee of Staff Council and look for it under the “Mission Monday” headline in Inside JCU. Contact Julie (jmyers@jcu.edu) with questions. Submit your own reflection here: http://bit.ly/2nUx9AO