May 9, 2017 ALL

Today: Undergrads: Do You Plan to Graduate in 2018?

If you plan to graduate in January, May or August 2018, you should complete these 2 steps BEFORE you apply for graduation.

1. Declare all majors, concentrations, and minors, if you haven’t already. Or drop any majors, minors, concentrations that you are no longer pursuing. The forms to declare and/or drop are available online at

2. Run a new degree evaluation on BannerWeb to see which degree requirements are “not met.” Everything must be met on the evaluation for you to graduate.  If something on your degree audit does not appear as you think it should, contact with the specific questions or clarifications you have.

You should apply for graduation on BannerWeb after your majors, minor, concentrations are correct in Banner, you know what you are “missing” on your degree evaluation, and you have a plan to complete the “not met” requirements.

The 2018 undergraduate Graduation Application is currently available on BannerWeb under the “Academic” tab.

The deadline to submit your application is September 20, 2017, and students who apply after the deadline are charged a $25 late fee.

• If you are a double or triple major, you must choose one primary major (and corresponding degree) and apply with it. Your additional majors will be added to your degree record once you have applied. You should only submit the Application once.