July 7, 2017 ALL

Lower Level Hallway Closing, Bruening Hall

In making the waterproofing repair to the archway connector at Dauby Plaza between the Administration Building and the Boler School of Business, the existing concrete deck was found to be in need of additional repair before the waterproofing material can be installed. Because of the need to have the concrete repaired and cured, allowing for the waterproofing material to install, it is necessary to close off a section of access at the lower level connector of Bruening Hall, the Administration Building, and the Boler School. Access from the Admin Building through to the Boler School will not be possible at the lower level. Access from Bruening to the Boler School will remain open. The access to Native Prairie Garden can be used as an alternate lower level route to get between the Administration Building, Bruening Hall, and the Boler School. This access will close starting Monday morning, July 10, and remain closed until Friday, July 14.