September 18, 2017 FAC/STAFF

Mission Monday

How do you live JCU’s mission?

Lisa Ramsey, Associate Director of Student Engagement, shares this reflection:

I have lots of scheduled advising meetings with students. At times, however, there are unexpected visits from students for one reason or another. I used to think of these unexpected visits as interruptions. I saw them as interruptions pulling me from my busy day of administrative tasks, my to-do list, and my daily work that demands my attention. However, upon reflection over the years I have come to view these “interruptions” as welcome opportunities. It is like God tapping me on the shoulder saying, “this person is on your to-do list today”, and reminds me to be present in the moment to someone who needs something from me right then – advice, a listening ear, a cheerleader or even a kick in the pants. Being open to these opportunities to shift my attention has brought me great joy over the years – even more than completing my to-do list!

Consider sharing your 100-word reflection with the Mission & Advocacy Committee of Staff Council and look for it under the “Mission Monday” headline in Inside JCU. Contact Julie ( with questions. Submit your own reflection here: