September 25, 2017 FAC/STAFF

Mission Monday

How do you live JCU’s mission?

Kyle O’Dell, Senior Director, Office of Student Engagement, shares this reflection:

When I went through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, my biggest takeaway was how much emphasis Jesus put on the concept of hospitality. Every day when I arrive on campus, I view it as a chance to model this hospitality. This could be with the students who stop by our office, those students who sit in my classroom, and the faculty and staff who I have the opportunity to work with in various ways. Making people feel welcome and cared for sets the table for students and staff alike to do great things for and with each other.

Consider sharing your 100-word reflection with the Mission & Advocacy Committee of Staff Council and look for it under the “Mission Monday” headline in Inside JCU. Contact Julie ( with questions. Submit your own reflection here: