October 2, 2017 ALL

Spring 2018 Japan Study Tour Informational Meeting

Spring Japan Study-Tour Course Informational Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 3, from 2:00-3:00 PM, in OC 132. Trip Dates: March 1—March 11, 2018
Explore and discover Japan this Spring. The pre-tour course will cover Japanese history and culture, preparing students for a study-tour of Japan with visits to its modern and traditional capitals of Tokyo and Kyoto. In-country sites will include opportunities to see ancient temples and modern skyscrapers, to experience traditional entertainment like kabuki, bunraku and no drama as well as modern anime and manga.
Tour cost includes airfare, local lodgings and most meals and transportation.
The course counts for the Exploring the Global Community requirement for Core.
No language or previous course on Japan required.