October 30, 2017 ALL

Who Wants to Become a Writing Center Consultant?

With spring registration approaching, students of ALL majors who are strong writers and communicators are encouraged to consider enrolling in EN 290 (Tutoring Writing across Contexts) to work toward becoming a paid consultant in the Writing Center. The 3-credit course is a prerequisite and contains in-class discussion and experiential learning in the Writing Center; upon successful completion of the course, students receive preference for paid positions on the staff.
We welcome students from the sciences, business, and humanities fields outside of English to add academic diversity and experience to our staff, furthering our mission to reinforce the importance of good writing across all disciplines.
For information about the course, please contact the Writing Center Director, Maria Soriano Young, at msoriano@jcu.edu. 10 spots are available in the EN 290 course–let’s fill them up!