December 8, 2017 ALL

Today: The John Carroll Review Release Party @ 8:30pm, Friday Dec. 8th, Jake’s Speakeasy

I highly encourage you all to come to Jake’s Speakeasy this Friday, Dec. 8th at 8:30pm for FREE pizza and wings and literary entertainment as the English Department celebrates another semester of The John Carroll Review. The newest fall edition of the Review will be released and read from by some of its contributors.

If you would like to read any creative work, published or unpublished, your own or another’s, (fiction, poetry, song, dance, standup, etc.) at this literary celebration, please fill out the Google Form (, or contact George Bilgere ( or Zachary Thomas ( directly.

Thank you!

Happy Last Week of Fall Classes,
Zachary Thomas

P.S. Word on the street is that if you come you get extra credit, and if you come and read then you get extra-extra credit. But who am I to say such a thing, that’s just the word on the street.