January 24, 2018 STU

Today: Auditions for Spring Play: May 4th Voices

“May 4th Voices” is a play about the Kent State shootings that occurred on May 4, 1970. After a weekend of unrest on campus due to the April 30th announcement by President Nixon of the invasion of Cambodia (thus expanding the Vietnam War into another country), the Ohio National Guard was called on campus to break up any student demonstrations or gatherings. At noon on Monday, May 4, some National Guardsmen fired on students. Four students were killed and nine were injured. Of the students that were killed, 2 were participating in the protest, and 2 were just on their way to class. Many people in this area still remember that horrible day, including some of your professors who were students at Kent State that day.

“May 4th Voices” is a play about this event using first person testimonies from the Kent State May 4th Oral History Project. The play is by David Hassler, who is the head of the Wick Poetry Center in Kent, and he is excited to come to Carroll and do aftershow talks.

Auditions Dates:
Wednesday, January 24 from 7PM to 9PM
Thursday, January 25 from 7PM to 9PM
Friday, January 26 from 3:30-5:30

Auditions are held in Marinello Little Theatre.

Production dates: April 13, 14, 20 and 21 at 7:30 and April 22 at 2PM.

Copies of the script can be signed out in O’Malley Center Room 045 in the Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre.