February 14, 2018 STU

Today: Want Free Drinks/Food? Attend JCU Games!

Follow these simple steps to get FREE STUFF:

Step 1: Download Blue Streak Nation App
Step 2: Attend Any/All JCU Home Games and Check-In.
Step 3: Attend 5 games -> Unlock 5 Game Award – Free Fountain Drink from Inn-Between
Step 4: Unlock 10 Game Award – Free Drip Coffee from Einsteins
Step 5: Unlock 15 Game Award – Free Drip Coffee and Pastry Item from Starbucks
Step 6: Unlock 20 Game Award – Free MEAL TRANSFER

Use the points you’ve earned to buy things from the prize store! Like Cavs swag bag, JCU tshirts, Chipotle, Monsters tickets and more!

Feel free to contact mreilly18@jcu.edu with any questions.