February 19, 2018 ALL

Spectacular Souvenirs: Sports Memorabilia in the Roman Empire-2/22

Gladiators. Charioteers. Spectacular Souvenirs: Sports Memorabilia in the Roman Empire examines fascinating objects related to these quintessential Roman spectacles: namely, sports memorabilia, including drinking vessels, lamps, and figurines. At a time when literacy was limited and visual communication was essential, these objects generated knowledge of chariot racing and gladiatorial combat across many Roman provinces, constructed the celebrity of individual charioteers and gladiators, fueled enthusiasm about these sports, and served as complex agents of Roman culture. Please join Dr. Maggie Popkin, Robson Assistant Professor of Art History, Case Western Reserve University, for the 2018 Edmund F. Miller, S.J., Endowed Chair in Classics Lecture, Thursday, February 22, 7:00 PM, O’Connell Reading Room, Dolan Center for Science and Technology.