March 26, 2018 STU

Calling All Graduating Seniors!

Dear Graduating Seniors of the Class of 2018,

This is an invitation to help me complete a creative writing project that I started in the fall of last year.

I wrote a farewell poem titled “Before I Go John Carroll You Must Know” that included many of my lingering questions, pervasive thoughts, and unforgettable memories that I carried with me during the last four years at JCU that I wanted to share with the community as a whole.

I want you, the entire senior class (well, that’s me being optimistic, so most of the senior class), to write your own farewell piece to JCU about anything that you want because I will collect, edit, and publish all of these entries into a chapbook for all of us to read and keep with us after we graduate.

Click the following link for more information:

Please share this link and information with any graduating senior that you may know.

Thank you!